Tuesday, June 25, 2024

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Dow Closes Over 250 Points Higher as Buyers Scoop Up Oil and Financial Companies, While Nvidia Drops 6%

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose Monday as investors unloaded large technology stocks in favour of banking and energy. The Dow rose 260.88 points, or...

Cybersecurity Terminology

“Advanced Persistent Threat” – Cybersecurity Terminology

🌐 "Advanced Persistent Threat" - Cybersecurity Terminology: 🔍 "Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)" - A sophisticated cyberattack where an adversary (the attacker) has a high level...

RootKit – Cybersecurity Terminology

Zero Trust – Cybersecurity Terminology

Passive Attack – Cybersecurity Terminology

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Black History - Innovations & Stories

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Dr. Troy Hawk, Ph.D. - Stem initiativeses