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5 Things to Know Ahead of Tuesday’s Stock Market Opening

Here are the top news stories that investors need to know before they begin their trading day:

1. Initial holding pattern

A mixed session on Monday gave October a cloudy start, showing that the bulls hadn’t fully shaken off a depressing September. Futures for Tuesday morning don’t seem as audacious either.

2. Bing ding

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella testified in federal court on Monday, accusing competitor Google of monopolising the online search business. As Justice Department attorneys pushed their antitrust case against the Alphabet corporation, he remarked, “Everyone talks about the free online, but there is actually the Google web.”

3. Let’s discuss medicine cost

All of the pharmaceutical companies whose products were picked for the first round of Medicare drug price discussions have consented to take part, the businesses told CNBC. The pharmaceutical companies had until Monday to provide the government with pricing and sales information on the drugs.

4. A nightmare of logistics

Although it may have seemed like chaos at the end of Dave Clark’s time as CEO of Flexport, things weren’t exactly graceful to begin with. Clark had been hired by Flexport, a supply chain management platform backed by influential venture capitalists, in what appeared to be a coup.

5. Domestic conflict

Rep. Matt Gaetz, a conservative Republican from Florida who had threatened to unseat House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, a Republican from California, eventually carried out his threats. Gaetz, who heads a group of conservative Republican insurgents, submitted a motion to oust McCarthy two days after the speaker collaborated with Democrats to create a short-term budget agreement that will keep the government open for an additional month and a half.

Source (CNBC)

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