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A Lazard Banker Cautions That SpaceX’s Near-Monopoly On Rocket Launches Is A “Big Risk”

PARIS – As the market waits for American competitors to start launching new vehicles, a Lazard investment banker raised concerns about Elon Musk’s SpaceX dominating the rocket launch market.

Vikram Nidamaluri, managing director of telecom, media, and entertainment at Lazard, said during a panel at the World Satellite Business Week conference on Monday, “I think it’s a significant problem.”

It’s probably not good for the industry’s commercial prospects to have such a dominant launch provider overall, Nidamaluri continued. Nobody desires a monopoly that stifles one link in the value chain. Although I believe the timeframe hasn’t advanced quickly enough, other players are undoubtedly increasing their capacity.

Source (CNBC)

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