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A Nearly Ten-Year Streak Of IPOs Has Made New York A Magnet For Tech Startups

Albert Wang, a native of California, and his wife relocated to New York from Boston ten years ago, where he worked as a product manager at Datadog, a young firm that assisted businesses in keeping track of their cloud servers and databases.

New York was not a hub of tech activity, but it did have its fair share of startup investors and venture-backed businesses. The main tech hub was the San Francisco Bay Area. Boston was more well-known as the centre of business technology on the East Coast.

Datadog, however, quickly matured after going public in 2019 and now has a market worth of nearly $28 billion. Wang stayed in New York to start Bearworks, a company that sells software to sales representatives, after spending four years working for the corporation. When you’re out and about at a pub or restaurant, Wang claimed, you can feel how completely different the city is from the environment he first encountered when he came.

There are more people starting startups now, he added, “it’s incredibly diversified.” In the past, “you tended to be surrounded by consultants and bankers, but there’s tech more and more now.”

Source (CNBC)

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