About InfoTech

Troy Hawk, InfoTech Education Corp., President/CEO
Dr. Troy Hawk, PhD
InfoTech Education Corp.

Thanks for visiting our website! Let me tell you a little about myself. I currently teach college-level mathematics and computer science and have been doing so for almost two decades, along with some computer science/programming courses. I have also developed software, web applications/sites and have created web and mobile apps. Also, I have been trading for over two decades, and have become an expert in technical analysis and using trading indicators. I consider all of this as fun stuff!

But for real fun, I enjoy playing and watching basketball, and dancing to house music and other types of dance music. I enjoy taking short trips and going on big getaways.

I grew up in an inner-city where my family didn’t have much. But I had great parents and brothers and sisters, and they encouraged me at every chance they could. So it is a pleasure for me to develop programs and offer my education and professional experiences to help individuals of marginalized, underserved communities build better careers and economic futures for their families and communities.

About InfoTech Education Corp.

We are a computer science (CS), and technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) research organization.

Our mission is to broaden participation in CS and STEM among African Americans and underrepresented minority groups. Our particular goal is to increase their interest in pursuing CS.

Our research areas include:

  • Computer vision
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Deep learning
  • Improving racial equality in STEM
  • Increasing minority participation in CS
  • Mathematics development for minorities to pursue CS and STEM
  • Development of outreach programs for African Americans and underrepresented minorities’ to learn about and experience CS and STEM.
  • Tech entrepreneurship for African Americans and underrepresented minorities.

We also offer learning opportunities for small minority-owned businesses and entrepreneurs on creating a website, web development, and many coding/programming languages. These are areas where black and other minorities often need assistance. We offer these opportunities through live workshops, website tutorials, and videos, and live online classes.

We gladly accept donations from individuals, corporations, and organizations to support our cause.

InfoTech Education Corp. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.