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Alibaba Releases An AI Model

As the fight for technological leadership intensifies, Alibaba on Friday unveiled a new artificial intelligence model that it claims can comprehend photos and have more nuanced conversations than the company’s prior offerings.

The Chinese technology behemoth said that its two new models, Qwen-VL and Qwen-VL-Chat, will be open source. This means that anybody, including researchers, academia, and businesses around the world, can use them to build AI applications without having to invest the time and money in building their own systems.

Alibaba claimed that Qwen-VL could produce captions for photographs and react to open-ended questions about various images.

In contrast, Qwen-VL-Chat, according to Alibaba, supports more “complex interaction,” such as comparing several image inputs and responding to various rounds of questions. Alibaba claims that Qwen-VL-Chat is capable of composing stories, producing images from user-inputted photos, and solving mathematical problems represented as pictures, among other things.

Source (CNBC)

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