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Apple Issues a Cure for the Hot iPhone 15

A patch for a problem that made Apple’s most recent iPhone 15 models run hot was included in iOS 17.0.3, which was made available by Apple on Wednesday.

The software’s change log states that “This version addresses a problem that may cause iPhone to run warmer than planned, and delivers critical bug fixes and security upgrades.”

Over the weekend, Apple confirmed online rumours that its new iPhones had a propensity to become warm. Apple claimed that the issue was caused by a mix of improperly configured apps, iOS issues, and the planned setup phase, which necessitates additional processing and heat production.

The iOS, the iPhone’s operating system, problems are addressed in Wednesday’s update. Additionally, app creators are releasing updates with fixes for their apps.

Both the new titanium and aluminium frame design on the higher-end Pro models and the USB-C charging port on the new phones, according to Apple, have nothing to do with the heat problem.

According to Apple’s website, all iPhones might feel warmer while wirelessly charging, restoring from a backup, using graphically intensive software, or streaming high-definition video. Unless there is a clear temperature warning, according to Apple, iPhones are safe to use.

Source (CNBC)

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