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Apple Reveals The Launch Date For iOS 17

On Tuesday, Apple announced that iOS 17 would be free to download starting on September 18.

The software update was initially only made available in beta to people who were ready to put up with flaws when the Apple first made announcements about it at its WWDC event in June. Major iPhone apps including Phone, FaceTime, and Messages will change as a result of iOS 17. The update will bring the Health app, enhanced widget capabilities, and new lock screen customization options to iPad users.

Users will be able to leave video messages for their friends and family by using FaceTime’s voicemail feature after they update their iPhones. In addition to a catch-up feature in group chats, Messages will include a more robust search capability. When customers tilt their phones sideways and set them down on a table or nightstand, Apple’s Standby experience, which is a new feature, will work like a bedside clock.

Source (CNBC)

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