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Before Thursday’s Stock Market Opening, Here Are Five Things to Know

Here are the key news items that investors should keep in mind as they start their trading day:

1. Significant Surge:
The stock market is set to receive a substantial boost from Nvidia this morning. Following the company’s impressive quarterly report, shares have surged by over 10% during premarket trading, indicating positive momentum for the S&P 500 and Nasdaq.

2. Positive Performance in Chips:
Nvidia has exceeded Wall Street expectations for its fourth quarter, achieving a remarkable 265% revenue increase year-over-year. The demand for AI chips, particularly the company’s “Hopper” chips designed for servers, has been a major driver behind the revenue growth.

3. Caution from the Fed:
Minutes from the Federal Reserve’s January meeting reveal that policymakers are cautious about the pace of interest rate cuts. They indicated a desire to proceed cautiously with any rate adjustments.

4. Leadership Change at Boeing:
Boeing is making changes to its 737 Max program following a recent incident on an Alaska Airlines flight. Ed Clark, the head of the program, is stepping down and will be replaced by Katie Ringgold. This move comes amidst ongoing investigations and challenges for Boeing in restoring confidence in its operations.

5. Scrutiny on Corporate Jet Usage:
The IRS announced an increased focus on auditing corporate jet usage, particularly by corporations and complex partnerships. This scrutiny is aimed at ensuring that companies are not exploiting tax deductions while using corporate jets for both business and personal travel. IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel emphasized the importance of holding high-income groups accountable for their tax responsibilities.

Source (CNBC)

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