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Computer Science Research Project

Thank you for visiting! This research has closed. Visit our website often for new opportunities, or visit everyday to use our educational apps

Computer Science appears in almost every field. Professionals in computer science create or improve technologies and products that we all use every day. These professionals generally earn high incomes. Examples of technologies that computer science created include your smart TV, smartphone, and artificial intelligence products like SIRI and Alexa.

However, there are not enough youth learning computer science to meet future job demands.

Therefore, My company InfoTech Education Corp and I are preparing to conduct a research project that will provide FREE hands-on learning experiences in Computer Vision & Python coding and development to help increase interest in pursuing computer science among: African American/Black, Hispanic, and Latino youth (Middle school or High School age).

Computer Vision developments allow for the creation of products such as the hair styler app, snap chat, virtual try-on eyeglasses, virtual clothes try-on, driverless autos, facial recognition used on smartphones, and many other photo editing apps.

Right now, I’m only gathering information about organizations or groups that have access to the youth mentioned above, who might be interested in their groups receiving this learning experience. This may include after-school programs and clubs, schools, churches, organizations, and other groups and programs.

I will need over 60 participants in the research project.

I will provide more details once my Institutional Review Board approves the research project.

If you are a manager, director, coordinator, employee, executive, or someone who has access to, or is a part of an organization where your youth could benefit from this research project, please contact me asap.

My research team and I will select programs, groups, and organizations within the United States for this research project.

Please Donate any amount to support our projects or educational apps development, as we are currently underfunded. Your donation may be tax-deductible, per IRS codes.

InfoTech Education Corp. is a 501c3, nonprofit organization. We are licensed in the State of Florida.

You can also donate at this link: https://paypal.me/InfoTechEducationCor?country.x=US&locale.x=en_US

Troy Hawk, PhD-ABD, M.S., B.S.
Executive Director
InfoTech Education Corp.
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