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Four Most Valuable Stocks in the World

Four Most Valuable Stocks in the World to Watch

These are some of the top moving stocks to watch for trading opportunities. They are world’s most valuable companies.

Topping a value of $415 billion, Amazon is the worlds most valuable company. As the Covid pandemic goes on, Amazon’s value has surged as online orders and deliveries by Amazon continues to grow.

Valued at $352 billion, Apple is the second most valued company as the company continue to sell products that allows businesses and people to communicate and navigate life effectively in these days of a Covid lockdown and work-at-home. 

Microsoft came in third place at over $326 billion , moving Google to fourth place at over $323 billion. Microsoft too has experienced growth in its video collaboration products as people work from home during the pandemic.

CNBC listed the following as the most valuable companies in order:

Amazon $415 billion

Apple $352 billion

Microsoft $326 billion

Google $323 billion

Visa $186 billion

Alibaba $152 billion

Tencent $150 billion

Facebook $147 billion

McDonalds $129 billion

MasterCard $108 billion

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