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How Low-Code And Generative A.I. Are Accelerating Innovation

Independently, low-code software and generative AI are two widely desired technologies. However, according to experts, when combined, the two enhance invention beyond what is now possible.

Low-code development enables people to create applications with little to no actual coding by using visual tools and other models as a substitute. Despite the fact that the fusion of low-code and AI seems logical, it’s critical to take into account details like data integrity and security to create a useful connection.

In the low-code signals 2023 report from Microsoft, it is stated that 87% of chief innovation officers and IT professionals think that “increased AI and automation embedded into low-code platforms would help them better use the full set of capabilities.”

Dinesh Varadharajan, CPO of low-code/no-code work platform Kiss flow, asserts that the combination of AI and low-code allows systems to manage the work rather of forcing humans to labor for the systems.

Varadharajan added, “One doesn’t replace the other, but the power of two is going to bring a lot of possibilities,” in reference to the AI revolution not displacing low-code.

According to Varadharajan, the development gap is closing as low-code technologies and AI converge. Generic AI improves organizational efficiency and congruence while low-code software broadens development accessibility (often to so-called citizen developers).

Source (CNBC)


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