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How To Prevent Meta From Utilising Your Data To Develop Generative AI models?

Users of Facebook can now remove certain personally identifiable information that the business may use to build generative AI models.

This week, Meta added a form titled “Generative AI Data Subject Rights” to the Facebook help centre resource area of its website, allowing users to “make requests related to your third party information being utilised for generative AI model training.”

As generative AI technology gains traction in the tech industry and businesses develop more complex chatbots and transform straightforward text into complex responses and pictures, the company has decided to introduce an opt-out feature. People who have personal information in any of the numerous third-party data sources that Meta uses to train its vast language and related AI models have the opportunity to access, change, or delete it.

Data that is “publicly available on the internet or licenced sources” is what Meta defines as third-party information on the form. According to the company, this kind of data can be used to represent some of the “billions of pieces of data” required to train generative AI models, which “apply predictions and patterns to produce new content.”

Source (CNBC)

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