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If The Chinese Internet Giant Doesn’t Keep Up With AI, Alibaba’s CEO Issues A Dire Warning About Being “Displaced.”

As he outlined the company’s strategic goals on Tuesday, Eddie Wu, the new CEO of Alibaba, told staff that the Chinese internet giant must put users first and be “AI-driven.”

Following one of the most turbulent periods in its 24-year existence, Wu, who has only been chief executive of Alibaba for three days, urged the e-commerce company to “adopt a start-up mindset.” Wu is attempting to guide the company back to growth.

Alibaba must adapt to the changing times! In a message to staffers that CNBC was able to view, Wu urged them to “adapt even faster as the world advances.

Daniel Zhang stepped down from the position to concentrate on leading the cloud computing business, while Wu, a close friend of Alibaba founder Jack Ma, took over as CEO on September 10. However, Zhang unexpectedly resigned this week as CEO of the cloud business, and Wu took control in the meantime.

It happens months after Alibaba underwent the greatest reorganisation in its history, dividing the company into six distinct business areas.

Source (CNBC)

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