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Nvidia Cancels the AI Summit in Tel Aviv After the Attack By Hamas On Israel

In light of Israel’s decision to impose a closure on Gaza in response to the weekend attack by Hamas, Nvidia decided to postpone its AI conference that was scheduled to take place in Tel Aviv next week.

The CEO of Nvidia, Jensen Huang, was slated to deliver the keynote address at the company’s in-person AI summit, which Nvidia had billed as “the #1 conference for developers, business executives, and AI researchers,” on October 15 and 16. Israel has more than 6,000 businesses and receives more venture capital investments per person than any other country, according to Nvidia, which called it “one of the world’s most vibrant technology centres” in a blog post published prior to the event.

The demand for Nvidia’s chips across the entire market is too high. Nvidia is the largest AI chip manufacturer in the world. For its second fiscal quarter, revenue increased by more than 100% year over year. Additionally, net income of $6.7 billion increased by 422% year over year. Nvidia’s most recent developments in generative AI and cloud computing were to be covered by Huang in his keynote address at the conference.

Over 60 live sessions on topics ranging from generative AI, supercomputing, and large language models to autonomous vehicles, health care, and cybersecurity were scheduled for the two-day conference, which was expected to draw about 2,500 developers, researchers, and tech professionals, Nvidia confirmed to CNBC.

Speakers from Nvidia’s top leadership teams, including Gilad Shainer, senior vice president of networking and high-performance computing, Deepu Talla, vice president of embedded and edge computing, and Kimberly Powell, vice president of health care, will make up the majority of the summit’s scheduled speakers. A few sponsored seminars were also scheduled to be led by executives from Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Snowflake, and Lenovo.

Source (CNBC)

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