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Review Of The Apple iPhone 15 Pro: The Reduction In Weight Is Significant

I’ve spent the last few days evaluating Apple’s two brand-new Pro iPhones. They were available on Friday in stores.

With improvements to the camera, a better physical body, and a redesigned button, the two Pro iPhones represent a considerable year-over-year advance. The high-end models are significantly lighter in weight, which is what matters most to me for daily use. I would suggest them to any iPhone customer who is prepared to upgrade or to anyone who has expressed concern about how large and heavy smartphones have become.

They are pricey.

Starting at $999 for 128GB of storage and going up to $1499 for 1TB is the 6.1-inch iPhone Pro model. For the majority of users, I’d suggest the $1099 model with 256GB of storage. The price of the larger phone, the 6.7-inch iPhone Pro Max, has increased by $100 since last year and now starts at $1199. However, the entry-level model includes 256GB of storage and tops out at 1TB for $1599.

Apple also has two more affordable options, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, which start at $799 and $899 and up, in addition to the Pro variants. The chip from the iPhone 14 Pro from the previous year is included, along with some camera enhancements and Apple’s “dynamic island” that conceals the front-facing cameras. The mainstream iPhone 15 models, which are nearly state-of-the-art, will satisfy the majority of people perfectly.

Source (CNBC)


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