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Sam Altman, The Head Of OpenAI, Receives Indonesia’s First “Golden Visa.”

A week after the “Golden Visa” initiative was started to encourage foreign investment in Southeast Asia’s largest economy, Indonesia has given OpenAI CEO Sam Altman its first one.

In addition to those based on investment or capital investment, there are other categories of golden visas, one of which is the golden visa given to individuals with an international reputation who can benefit Indonesia, according to a statement from Silmy Karim, Indonesia’s director general of immigration.

Altman is hoped to help advance the application of AI in Indonesia with the use of this golden visa, according to Karim.

Altman has a 10-year “Golden Visa.” With a golden visa, the American businessman will have easier access to entrance and exit points as well as priority screening at airports throughout the wide archipelago of the nation.

Source (CNBC)


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