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What To Anticipate From Walmart’s Holiday-Quarter Earnings Release Before The Bell

On Tuesday morning, Walmart will release financial results for the Christmas quarter as investors and economists attempt to assess the state of the American consumer.

According to consensus estimates provided by Refinitiv, the following is what analysts anticipate Walmart to announce for the fiscal fourth quarter:

Expected earnings per share of $1.51.
Expected revenue of $159.72 billion
Walmart is also anticipated to discuss its annual projections. It will probably sound more circumspect. Families are spending more money on travel, eating out, and other services as a result of rising prices brought on by inflation. They come after a time when expenditure was stimulated by the pandemic. Slower sales as well as conservative expenditure and recruiting plans could be caused by any of those variables.

The business is not just the biggest retailer in the country. Also, it is a supermarket powerhouse, which has helped Americans acclimate to high inflation by stabilizing sales and boosting foot traffic.

In recent months, Walmart has also drawn customers with greater incomes due to its reputation for low costs. According to the business, households earning above $100,000 per year accounted for nearly 75% of its market share increases in food over the previous two quarters.

Walmart’s market value reached around $395 billion as of Friday’s closure of its shares at $146.44. The S&P 500 has gained nearly 6% during the same period, while the company’s shares have increased by only about 3% so far this year.

Source (CNBC)

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