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Your Personal Information Can Be Removed From Google Searches. This is How You Do It

When you put your name in the Google Search box, you can choose to have your phone number, email address, and home address removed.

The tool can be helpful for removing some of your personal information from Google Search, but it does not mean that the information is completely erased from the internet or from that specific website. It will still be there, but it won’t come up when you search for your name, making it harder for people to locate that information.

There are a several ways to submit a request for the “Remove this result” function, which is currently in beta.

Here’s how to accomplish it if all you want to do is record your phone number, email address, or home address:
Do a Google search for your name.
Next to the website that contains the information you want to erase, click the three vertical dots.
On the upper right, click “Remove result.”
There are five alternatives; pick the one that says “It shows my personal contact info” for the phone number, email, and home address. The arrow next to the other bars can be used to make different requests.
Once you have read Google’s conditions and logged into the Google account you desire, press the arrow to the right three times before pressing “Continue.”

Source (CNBC)

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