Sunday, November 27, 2022
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Welcome to InfoTech Trading

Welcome InfoTech’s Trading Room! To help advance progress, InfoTech is inviting underrepresented minorities, and such youth, to come learn about trading platforms, technical analysis, charts/graphs, and indicators for trading Stocks, Bitcoin/CryptoCurrencies, & Forex/Foreign Currency.
I’m Troy Hawk, and I hold Master of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees in areas of Mathematics. I’ve taught college/university courses full-time for many years, and I’ve been trading for nearly two decades.
As we get started I’m inviting you to like this page, and get ready to see me do live trading and technical analysis for entering into and exiting trades, in InfoTech’s – Trading Room.
InfoTech Education Corp. is a 501c3 nonprofit org. that makes income through donations, trading, and events. Support us!

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