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Foxconn is One of the Investors in Kneron, an AI Chip Company that has Raised $49 Million to Compete with Nvidia

In an effort to speed up the commercialization of its artificial intelligence chips, which it thinks will compete with Nvidia’s, Kneron, a U.S.-based semiconductor startup, announced on Tuesday that it has raised a new round of funding.

The business reported raising an additional $49 million, increasing its total fundraising round to $97 million.

One of the investors in the round was Alltek, a communications technology firm, as well as the Taiwanese powerhouse Foxconn, which makes Apple’s iPhones.

With Nvidia’s 180% gain this year and Arm’s first public offering in the United States last week, Kneron is attempting to take advantage of the enormous investor interest in artificial intelligence and the chip technology that powers it.

Nvidia produces graphics processing units, or GPUs, that are used in servers and data centers and have the powerful processing capability needed to utilise enormous volumes of data to train artificial intelligence systems. The cloud is used by several AI services nowadays, like ChatGPT.

In contrast, Kneron creates a chipset for “edge” AI that is used in consumer electronics and automobiles. It follows that AI now operates locally rather than in the cloud. As the AI application doesn’t need to originate from the cloud, proponents claim that this is better for speed and security.

Source (CNBC)

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