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Sheryl Sandberg Supports the Launch of Cercle, a Health AI Firm

Cercle, a new health tech business, debuted on Wednesday and revealed a number of significant international partners and investors, including Sheryl Sandberg, the former COO of Meta.

In an effort to improve women’s health, notably in the area of reproductive care, Cercle employs artificial intelligence. In an effort to assist physicians in creating more individualised treatment plans and hasten pharmaceutical discoveries, the company’s platform compiles unstructured medical data, such as test results and medical records, into a common format for reproductive specialists and researchers.

For example, a patient’s doctor can utilise Cercle’s platform to review data from patients who are similar to her and have had egg freezing procedures. According to Cercle, the data is anonymous and de-identified, but the doctor can use it to create a more individualised plan of care by seeing what kinds of therapies worked and didn’t work.

“Personally tailoring and interpreting biomedical and genetic data to enable women to make better, more knowledgeable health decisions is Cercle’s original goal,” co-founder and CEO Juan Carlos Riveiro stated in a statement on Wednesday.

Source (CNBC)

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