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The Federal Vehicle Authorities’ Investigation Into The Safety Of Tesla Autopilot Is Almost Finished

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, has been looking into the security of Tesla’s driver assistance systems for several years, and its inquiry is about to come to an end.

NHTSA interim administrator Ann Carlson was cited by Reuters’ David Shepardson in his initial story on Thursday regarding the most recent events. The federal authorities in charge of car safety have confirmed the allegation to CNBC.

While declining to provide any information, an NHTSA representative wrote in an email to CNBC that the agency “confirms the remarks to Reuters” and that “NHTSA’s Tesla investigations are active, and the agency normally does not comment on open investigations.”

After noticing a string of accidents in which Tesla drivers, suspected of using the company’s driver assistance systems, collided with first responders’ stationary vehicles, the agency launched a safety investigation into Tesla’s driver assistance systems in 2021. These systems are now marketed in the U.S. as Autopilot, Full Self-Driving, and FSD Beta options.

Source (CNBC)

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