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These are the Latest Nvidia Earnings Figures

The chipmaker’s fiscal third-quarter results exceeded Wall Street’s expectations, causing Nvidia shares to fall 4% during extended trading on Tuesday.

LSEG, formerly known as Refinitiv, surveyed analysts, and the results show how the company performed in comparison to their consensus:

Profits: reduced to $4.02 per share from projected $3.37 per share
Income: $18.12 billion compared to the anticipated $16.18 billion

A statement from Nvidia said that during the quarter that ended on October 29, revenue increased by 206% year over year.

In the quarter, Nvidia unveiled the GH200 GPU, which sports an extra Arm processor and more memory than the H100. Both costly and in high demand is the H100. Nvidia announced that 248 H100s, or roughly $40,000 apiece, were being purchased by Australia-based Iris Energy, the owner of data centres used for bitcoin mining.

Sales of GPUs for PC video game play constituted Nvidia’s main revenue stream as late as two years ago. These days, the company’s server farm deployments generate the majority of its revenue. According to a StreetAccount survey of analysts, Nvidia’s data centre revenue is expected to climb by 239% to $12.97 billion.

Many firms searched for ways to include comparable generative AI capabilities into their software when Microsoft-backed startup OpenAI introduced the ChatGPT chatbot in 2022. This increased demand for GPUs made by Nvidia.

Nvidia has challenges, such as AMD rivalry and decreased revenue due to export limitations that may restrict the amount of GPUs it can sell in China.

Source (CNBC)

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