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According To Meta, It Has Interrupted

The parent company of Facebook and Instagram, Meta, announced on Tuesday that it had stopped a disinformation campaign involving Chinese law enforcement that it called the “biggest known cross-platform covert influence operation in the world.”

On Facebook, the corporation deleted more than 7,700 accounts and 930 pages. The influence network generated supportive comments about China, with a special emphasis on supportive remarks about the province of Xinjiang in China, where the government’s treatment of the Uyghur minority group has led to international sanctions.

According to Meta, the network also made an effort to disseminate false information about the Covid-19 pandemic’s origins as well as unfavourable criticism against the United States. According to the firm, the network was or is present on almost all well-known social media sites, including Medium, Reddit, Tumblr, YouTube, and X, formerly known as Twitter.

After reports in 2022 exposed how a disinformation campaign connected to the Chinese government targeted a human rights nonprofit organisation, Meta started investigating for indications of a Chinese influence operation on its own platforms.

Source (CNBC)

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