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Amazon Upgrades Its One Medical Discount as Part of Its Prime Loyalty Programme

Amazon is enhancing its popular Prime subscription service by adding a new feature that allows users to purchase One Medical memberships at a reduced price.

The firm revealed on Wednesday that One Medical will now be available to Prime members for $9 a month, or $99 a year, instead of the usual $199 a year, or $16.59 a month. According to Amazon, Prime customers can add up to five extra memberships on the same plan for $6 apiece.

After purchasing One Medical in July 2022 for approximately $3.9 billion, Amazon is incorporating the main healthcare provider into its Prime membership plan. One Medical runs a network of specialty primary care practises in various parts of the United States, mostly in and around large cities. Through the One Medical app, users may make appointments virtually or in person at a physical location, as well as get medical care from a doctor.

According to a statement by Neil Lindsay, senior vice president of Amazon Health, “people engage more in their health and realise better health results when it is easier for them to access the treatment they need.” “For this reason, we are offering Prime members access to One Medical’s outstanding experience—healthcare that makes it significantly easier to receive and remain well.

Over the years, the tech giant has gradually expanded the incentives offered by its Prime membership programme in an effort to entice more users. Among its many benefits, Amazon Prime was introduced in 2005 and offers free two-day shipping in addition to access to exclusive TV series and films. Annual membership dues are $139. Over 200 million people were using the service globally as of April 2021.

Amazon hopes to strengthen its relationship with consumers about health care by offering a One Medical benefit in addition to luring more Prime members. Amazon has been trying, with varying degrees of success, to get into the health-care sector for years.

Source (CNBC)

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