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Blood Pressure and Sleep Apnea can be Detected by the New Apple Watch; a Health Coach Service is Being Designed

As reported by Bloomberg on Wednesday, Apple Watch will come equipped with a blood pressure sensor, a sleep apnea detection system, and a new premium health service by the end of the year.

Apple may have a new source of recurring subscription income with the premium health coaching service. It is said that the app will suggest diets and exercise regimens, perhaps through its premium Fitness+ app.

The iPhone is Apple’s flagship product, but its services division comes in second. Its sales for the third quarter came to $19.6 billion, a 12% increase from the previous year. The segment’s potential growth could be aided by the health coaching service.

According to reports, Apple’s blood pressure sensor will identify when a user’s blood pressure is excessive, but it won’t display the user’s precise readings. The article stated that Apple is developing a watch that will include particular diastolic and systolic data. For many years, there have been rumours that Apple Watch will ultimately include blood pressure monitoring. In certain markets, competitors’ wearables such as Samsung’s already provide this feature. Blood pressure monitor watches are already available from healthcare firms like Omron.

Source (CNBC)

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