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Google Halted the Gemini AI Image Generator when it Produced False Images from the Past

Google announced on Thursday that it is temporarily halting its Gemini artificial intelligence image generation feature due to reported “inaccuracies” in historical pictures. Social media users have raised concerns that the AI tool is depicting historical figures, such as the U.S. Founding Fathers, inaccurately as people of color.

In a statement on X on Wednesday, Google acknowledged that the AI feature has the capability to generate a diverse range of people, which is generally positive for global users. However, the company admitted that in this instance, the feature is not meeting expectations and is working to enhance the accuracy of these depictions promptly.

An updated statement released by Google on Thursday confirmed that it will pause the image-generation feature of Gemini and intends to unveil an “improved” version in the near future.

Source (CNBC)

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