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How A North Korean Cyber Squad Fooled An Expert In Washington, D.C.

D.C.’s Washington During a late-night research session six years ago, a reputable researcher took a break from her computer to clean her teeth. Her laptop had been compromised by the time she returned.

The director of Stimson’s 38 North Programme and a recognised authority on North Korea, Jenny Town, works at the Stimson Institute. According to Town’s remarks from Monday, her work is based on open-source intelligence. She depicts the dynamics of North Korea using information that is readily available to the public.

“I’m not cleared in any way. Town stated at the conference, “I don’t have access to any classified material.

However, the North Korean espionage agency APT43, also known as KimSuky, which was responsible for the hacking, wasn’t just collecting sensitive data.

Her computer was accessed by the hackers, who used the well-known remote desktop programme TeamViewer to run scripts to search through it. Then her webcam light came on, perhaps to see if she was back at her computer. Town spoke to delegates at the mWISE conference, which was organised by Google-owned cybersecurity firm Mandiant. “Then everything went off really quickly, and then they stopped everything down,” Town said.

Source (CNBC)

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