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Arm’s IPO Will Get Up To $100 million From Taiwan’s Largest Chipmaker, TSMC

When the British semiconductor designer Arm goes public, TSMC, the largest contract chipmaker in the world, stated on Tuesday that it has approved an investment in Arm of up to $100 million.

This week, Arm will launch its initial public offering in the United States, with prices for shares ranging from $47 to $51. The corporation would gain roughly $5 billion in new revenue as a result, increasing its worth to above $50 billion.

Although none of the firms had made a decision, Arm’s prospectus stated that technological giants like Nvidia, Apple, TSMC, and others were interested in purchasing up to $735 million worth of shares in the IPO.

Based on Arm’s final share price at the IPO, TSMC declared that it has now approved an investment in the company of up to $100 million.

Arm, owned by Japanese behemoth Softbank, has not announced its ultimate share price.

Source (CNBC)

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