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Scholarships for Cybersecurity Certification now available

Scholarships for Cybersecurity Certification now available!
Currently, there aren’t enough people around the world with a training in cybersecurity, so there’s a race to train new individuals to work in this area.
The growth of opportunity is so great that governments and companies around the world are now partnering with Cybersecurity specialists and trainers in order to prepare new professionals to work in the area and help prevent or resolve cyber attacks everywhere the fronts.
No experience or college degree needed! You only need to be very well trained to become a cybersecurity professional!
– 100% scholarship covers online training in Cybersecurity – Cybersecurity in a 6-month course –
If you’re committed to starting a new career in cybersecurity this year, this training is free for you! You’ll only pay a $15 administration/processing fee.
I’m Dr. Hawk, PhD, computer scientist and engineer, mathematician, college professor, researcher, PhD in STEM and entrepreneur.
I have an amazing support team and you will be supported by my team and I on this exciting journey through the world of cybersecurity.
Whether it’s protecting personal devices or global companies, the cybersecurity skills you learn are sought after worldwide.
Because this opportunity is unique
I am offering scholarship up to 100% for the training course and if you proceed you can get industry certification.
Understand financial barriers can deter talented individuals. That’s why I’ve partnered with major organizations like #Google and #ISC2 to offer this opportunity to low-income and underrepresented individuals.
A call for inclusion:
I particularly encourage low income family individuals, underrepresented groups and women to apply. Your perspectives are invaluable and I believe in giving you the support and chance you deserve.
No experience necessary:
But you need determination, focus and discipline to learn and succeed. The program is 100% online allowing you to study at your own pace, but on a weekly schedule.
Learn from my experience:
I have practical training in computer science, AI, cyber security, web and software engineering, tech entrepreneurship and a college education in these areas.
I will be there to encourage, pressure, guide and encourage you until you receive your cyber security certificate.
In addition to a job:
Starting salaries for beginners cybersecurity professionals in the U.S. may exceed $100K, and, while this is life-changing for many, I encourage you to think bigger.
Through mentorship, I will educate you about digital and tech entrepreneurship and what it takes to become a high-paid consultant or start your own cybersecurity company, empowering you not only to depend on getting a job but also to become a business leader.
Your Commitment:
To be successful, you’ll need a reliable computer or laptop and Internet access to keep the device connected. Our course is hands-on from the start, allowing you to build a comprehensive portfolio that showcases your skills to potential employers or clients.
Next steps:
My team and I are working hard getting ready to launch the registration process and program in the next few days.
So start by following my page and ask your questions there, so you’re one of the first to sign up and get started.
Dr. Hawk, PhD – Initiatives STEM
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